Listing all verified observations

User Date Location State Lat Lon Size(cm) Image Image2 Image3 Sample Kept? Notes 2016-07-06 North side of West Anacapa Island CA 34.015946 -119.426517 Yes Samples will be sent to Herbarium of The University of California, Kathy Ann Miller. Show 2016-06-21 Bodega Bay CA 38.328581 -123.056587 30.0 20160621_103450 No Sample found below the stern of a boat in slip D-48 at Spud Point Marina. There appear to be several juvenile individuals. No noticeable adults observed. I was unable to collect samples. Show 2016-06-15 Bodega Bay CA 38.328601 -123.056726 50.0 20160615_095135 20160615_095202 20160615_095144 No Photographed sample was thrown away, but there was more, so I will visit again and put in bag. It was attached to one of my settlement plates hanging about 1 meter below a floating dock in Spud Point Marina (I am a PhD student at Bodega Marine Lab). Show 2010-11-01 Pier 3, San Francisco CA 37.798187 -122.39572 0.0 No Show 2010-11-01 Pier 1.5, San Francisco CA 37.797068 -122.395163 0.0 No We most recently collected Undaria from here in July 2010. There were multiple large individuals (1 m and longer) that were reproductively mature. Show 2010-11-01 Pier 38, San Francisco CA 37.782926 -122.387373 0.0 No Since this date, we have visited this location several times. We consistently find large, reproductive individuals here, but have not had the resources to mount a removal campaign. Show 2010-11-01 Pier 40, San Francisco CA 37.781909 -122.386923 0.0 No We have visited this site multiple times and frequently find Undaria of various sizes, including large reproductive individuals. We have not had the resources to mount a regular removal campaign. Show 2009-12-15 South Beach Marina, San Francisco CA 37.7814 -122.386537 0.0 No We have found Undaria here continuously since this date. Removal efforts began in Sept. 2009 but were never sufficient to remove all the kelp from this marina. Little Undaria seen from ~March 2011 to August 2011. Show 2009-11-01 West Basin, San Francisco Marina CA 37.806461 -122.443013 0.0 No Show 2009-06-11 Pillar Point Harbor CA 37.501896 -122.484341 No Undaria continues to be found here, on docks A, B, & C despite removal efforts by SERC and UC Davis which began in earnest in February 2010. In October 2011 we found the first individual on Dock E. Show 2009-05-08 San Francisco Marina, San Francisco CA 37.806868 -122.434216 0.0 Yes We have found Undaria at this site from this date until the fall of 2011. Monthly removal efforts at this marina began in September 2009. The amount of Undaria appears to have declined over time. We have found Undaria primarily at Gate 14 and 16, although we have occasionally found it at Gate 10 and 8 and in the West Basin. Show